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undefined PFP

authentic microshares for undefined*


crowdfunded group-buy (fractionalization) and investment pool based on undefined

undefined/undefined funded
0 reserved for trade ins
NaN shares available
undefined undefined
in treasury* | ratio undefined
NaN SOL mCap | undefined SOL
[no realtime data yet]
earned since last payout

* or equivalent assets, not including eventually related holdings yet, ie. SPL token
** representing share in diversified microTrust investment pool, swap on
*** after completing funding

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About undefined

Our microCollection undefined is being funded right now, which is a bet on and long term invest in the underlying asset undefined. Read all the details in short, right down below!

About The Creator
microshares.WTF is the only trusted party and brand creating authentic microshares. We started first with DCF_microshares.
About undefined
Being a bet on undefined we're trying to increase stakes in them forever while sharing growing amount of liquidity to our holders.
Compounding Value
By default (up to holders vote), we will compound stakes in / exposure to the underlying collection, their benefits or profits, which should grow the ownership represented by your microshare over the time.
Passive Income
All actual payouts (as per holders vote) are being airdropped straight into your wallet. There is no need to stake, claim or engage. We usually start payouts after completing the funding.
Selling At Fair Price, Only
Fund your undefined at market conditions, as the mintToken price frequently adjusts with the undefined market price
Minting Is Optional
Minting undefined is only possible with mint token (minting is optional). microNFTs and microMint token are both guaranteed shares.
Asset Management
We're managing the owned assets in the best feasible way (staking/gamification) or hold them safe in multisig or cold storage, if possible.
Trusted Team & Business Model
Don't trust just anyone - trust in our well aged business model (see DCF_microshares) as well as in our teams mileage and Proof Of Stake.

microshares are

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