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Our microAffiliate program attributes all supporters that help to onboard new liquidity from investors to fund our pools of curated projects - which provide fractionlized shares to the people and all kind of investors

About Us
Since 2022 microshares.WTF provides a fractionalized ownership layer for 3rd party assets, usually in collaboration with them. see start page to learn more →
Help spreading the message!
We're always in for a win-win. That's why you can earn SOLANA by sharing any page on microshares.WTF with your referral code. see your affiliate links →
microshares.WTF is trusted
We invented the meta by creating the first micro ever and became a neutral, unbiased and trusted party in the SOLANA eco system.
You're a community, DAO or Influencer?
Inform your audience about the numerous benefits of microshares and grow your business ie. by using earned SOL for marketing purposes.
Referral tags are persistent
Ref code gets saved in clients localStorage, persisting your code until clients reset (but it would get overwritten with another referrals code)
You got questions?
Contact us and let's get in touch. We'll be glad to help you developing best utilitization of micro for your individual project and use cases. join our discord →

microshares are

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