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Genuine microshares are

Growing opportunities

Representing ownership in our crowd-funded pools of underlying assets, compounding value and growing their exposure over the time

Everything micro but

Our numbers

since inception
444 days
created yet
10 collections
microshares funded
managed assets mCap
13,400 SOL


What they say about us

β€œan awesome job maintaining certain values enduring for defi projects such as transparency, democracy, and R&D from his own end… super invaluable in house”

β€œInsane to see all you have done with dcf! The microshare idea was brilliant.”

β€œIf anyone can’t afford a full immortal check out micro, they offer micro shares in big projects!”

Mutant Collecting Flea

β€œDCF Microshares [...] project team plans to accumulate DCF forever continuously. It firmly believes that the SOL volume flipped on DCF will keep rising. ”

Why microshares are

Made for you

We provide benefits
to collections / creators / founders and their holders, as well as to our own microInvestors / holders.
microCollections = investment pools
Our microCollections are backed by the individual crowd-funded treasury, containing underlying (+ evtl. related) NFT/SPL assets.
We increase value
for all stakeholders by managing assets actively and compounding profits partially.
Trust the inventor
We invented the 1st microshares back in 2021/22 and soon became a trusted and credible party in the NFT eco system.

Speaking louder than promises

See some facts

We provide dashboards (beta) to track, show and visualize relevant data for our microCollections and also prepared some summarized case studies for you.

microshares are

Building on the best multi-sig wallet Raydium Jupiter Aggregator Metaplex Matrica