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About microshares

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First things first

Learn the simple basics

microshares [NFT/SPL] are treasury shares

We're similar to a group buy, and using the treasury to act like an investment pool, that also accumulates more assets over the time.

Fixed and guaranteed ratio

We guaranteed the same ratio for the whole funding process, but we instantly work with the fundings on improving the ratio for holders.

Improving ratio and increasing value

Usually we accumulate more assets/shares over the time to improve the ratio, and strive to distribute increasing revshare and profits to holders.

Some details about the

Smooth funding process

Buying/funding your microshares

You buy micro mint token at fractionalized floor prices (live). This token already represents your share in the treasury and guarantees a free mint.

Optional: mint the microshare

After buying mint token, you can mint instantly on our site. But you also can choose to hold all/some microshares in shape of mint token. It's up to you.

Funding with SOL

Funding your microshares with SOL will get you microshares at the assets fractionalized floor price and is also the only way to enter the raffle.

Funding with microSOL

For each new microCollection, some supply gets allocated for microSOL-only mints, because we love to provide utility to microTrust creditors.

Funding by trade-ins

NFTs of the underlying asset can be traded in to the corresponding amount of microshares, based on the guaranteed ratio.

Funding with SPL token

Also, from time to time, we also allocate a some supply of microshares to be minted for SPL token related to the underlying asset.

Increase your chances strategically

Fun with the Funding Raffle

Precious prizes (raffled on selling out)

For every new microCollection, there is a funding raffle where participants can win valuable prizes, ie. a whole underlying NFT or some assets/microshares.

Only one way to get in

Funding microshares with SOL is the only way to get tickets for the funding raffle, while each and every ticket increases your chances.

Deflationary tickets

The more trade-ins happen (and fundings for SPL token), the less tickets can be bought for SOL. Let's promote trade-ins to burn those tickets!

How we grow value by our

Treasury Management

We do not trade nor dump assets

We're betting on the underlying project and while we do accumulate more assets over the time and might do swaps, we never trade/sell/dump any asset.

We manage assets to increase value

We create more value to holders by utilizing the market, eventually / not solely via Liquidity Pools and NFT lending / liquidation offers and floor bidding.

Multi-sig wallets by

We're using the audited multi-sig vaults by where possible, and we're working on utilizing the true power of multi-sig continuously.

Details on usage of

Revenue Share and Profits

Direct compounding

We are using most* of the rewards received from the underlying assets to accumulate more assets of the same underlying project.


We are also using some* of the rewards to diversify risk/investment on behalf of the holders, by paying in some rewards in the microTrust Investment Pool.

Team and marketing

Team needs some* bananas for working all day long, providing first-class dev work, full-service asset management, and for paying expenses.

* default configuration for microCollections is 52% Direct compounding, 33% Diversification and 15% Team and marketing share, see DCF_microshares for reference (voted on by holders, doing more votes after reaching milestones)

Learn about our diversified and non-dilutable

microTrust Investment Pool

Solely funded by profits

The microTrust Investment Tool is solely funded by profits. For any SOL amount paid in to microTrust, microSOL is being issued 1:100 in return.

Hold microshares to invest

The only way to invest in microTrust is by owning microshares, that pay in some of their profits, and then distribute microSOL to their holders.

Closed for third parties, yet

microTrust only accepts funding from microCollections. It does not accept 3rd party investments yet, but might do so in the future.

Accumulating rev sharing assets

microTrust accumulates shares in (primarily) revenue sharing assets, in order to grow our portfolio of diversified long term earnings.

Early investments

microTrust has an increasing network providing opportunities to use profits partially for reasonable and/or strategically early investments.

Liquidity managed by microBank

Most liquidity of microTrust is managed by microBank, which is a subsidiary of microTrust, which again is a subsidiary of microshares.WTF.

Master of Coins


Backing microSOL

All existing microSOL is always backed by microBank, also being responsible for buying back undervalued microSOL on the market.

Providing NFT loans

By providing loans to strategically interesting opportunities we are accruing more value while maintaining the lowest possible risk.

Providing liquidity to LPs

We are providing liquidity to specific pairs of tokens to increase value, e.g. by fees earned from the trading volume.

All microshares are equal in

Our Community

Core values

Holders of microshares are SOLANA coinasseurs with unshakable long term believe in crypto and like active compounding and passive income.

Educated community

Our community is proven to be FUD resistant and always strives for facts based discussions on all relevant news. Let's talk alphas.


Our community always supports each other and shares informations for better decisions to be made individually or in common.

Discord roles by Matrica

For Discord we're using Matrica for holder verification for all microCollections (NFTs + mint token) as well as for our SPL token microSOL.

We support SubDAOs

Holders of each microCollection have the opportunity to create a SubDAO to create even more benefits by holders, supported by microBrand.

Let's start

Your microCollection

Collaboration for the win

We're always looking to collaborate early, to onboard all stakeholders to our decisions and marketing plan, but also to get official approval and support.

Happy to provide marketing ideas

There are plenty of opportunities to utilize microshares for, most importantly for marketing, and we are happy to consult with you on yours.

Privately share the funding process early

Promote the initial private funding process to selected parties, ie. VCs, whale holders or even all of your communities members.

Unique opportunity for holders

For existing holders, trading in their NFT or minting microshares with their SPL token (if applicable) can eventually be of great benefit.

microshares are

Building on the best multi-sig wallet Raydium Jupiter Aggregator Metaplex Matrica